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Domiciliary Care Services

Home Care Services, Hampshire

We offer a friendly and professional approach to meeting your daily care needs on long term or short-term basis, in Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We offer a flexible approach to meeting your needs, knowing that your care needs may change over time.  We aim to assess your needs, give you the opportunity to make choices about how your needs should be met by our staff and adjust our care plans to suit. You would always be at the centre of any decision-making process, and where we are unable to do so, we re-assure you that your designated person would be consulted before doing anything.

We have a great team of highly trained and experienced staff who work closely with our service users to provide the best possible care. Your happiness, comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us and doing everything to achieve this is what sets us apart.

Our main services will include:


  • Working with adults 18-years-old and above

  • Working with adults with sensory impairment

  • Working with adults with learning disability

  • Working with adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s

  • Working with adults with a disability

  • Working with adults who need assistance borne from ill-health

  • Working with adults with an eating disorder

  • Working with adults with mental health conditions

  • Working with adults with substance misuse

24 Hour Care

With our professional, qualified and reliable practitioners, our 24 hour care suits those who need a bit more attention through their day. 

Respite Care or short term care solutions (H2)

This service is suitable if you need short-term support to get you back into your routines or manage a short-term difficult time. Some of these times could be when:

  • You have been to hospital and have been discharged back home, following illness

  • When your carer is away or unwell

Live in Care

Staying in one’s home without needing to stay with others is a great way to remain independent in your own home. Where you need greater support than hour based support, we are able to support you with carers to live and support you in your own home. They are called live-in-carers. We would meet with you and discuss what type of support you need and help identify the right carers to assist you.

Domiciliary Care

This is also called care at home. This is the best for you if you need support and assistance for short periods of time in a day or week in your home. Whether it’s help preparing breakfast in the morning or more personal care throughout the day, we would meet with you and assess your need and agree the right level of support and what it entails.

Elderly Care

Daily tasks can become a bit more difficult and we grow older. As one retires, lack of routine and activity can leave one feeling lonely. For others changes in the body affects one’s ability to do things as they used to before. We are here to support you bridge those gaps and help give you the best support in your home. This could be in the day or night.


Other services also include but are not limited to:

  • Personal care and help with incontinence care,

  • Monitor diet and eating, checking food expiry dates and meal preparation and tidy away,

  • Arrange travel and appointments including shopping, outings, and trips,

  • Companionship and participation in hobbies and crafts,

  • Collect prescriptions and administering medication,

  • Assist with morning/wake up as well as with evening routines,

  • Provide light housekeeping including help with washing and ironing, making beds and changing linen, organising wardrobes and cupboards,

  • Oversee home deliveries.

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