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Person-Centred Home Care Services

Pathways Care Limited offers a wealth of personal, functional care & support and associated domestic services to meet the needs of adults with needs (“Service Users”) in their own home environment, in residential settings and in the community. Adults with needs may include older people, those with a disability and those who need assistance due to ill-health.  The support we offer allows our clients to continue to live in their own homes and within the community.


Our aim is to provide Person-centred support to the adults with needs which may include all or some of the following dependent on needs to improve the adult with needs’ overall wellbeing:

Personal Care

This might include getting up, washing, bathing, toileting, dressing, preparing meals and snacks, helping take medication, helping with shopping and/or accompanying our client when they go shopping. The above is provided in the comfort of our clients own home in order to promote their dignity, comfort, security and safety, while promoting their independence as much as possible.

Practical Support 

To offer a service that is responsive to the changing and varied needs of our clients. This may include shopping, menu planning, house-keeping, clerical, paying bills, escorting to appointments or to church, mosque, gym, activities, trips, etc. We also offer Take A break assistance for family members who need time to do things in the community, with the peace of mind that their loved one would continue to get support in their absence.

Social Support and Outreach Support

To minimise risks of isolation which may include helping to access leisure services, education or employment opportunities; helping to keep contact with family; and keeping mobile and active within one’s own community. By promoting independence, choice and control while maintaining our clients safety at all times.

Emotional Support at Home and In residential Settings

To promote independence by helping adults with needs either regain lost skills or learn new skills in living independently. This may include workers helping the adult with needs to build confidence and self-esteem and enhance their daily living skills.

The above will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring that the adults with needs’ support plans are ‘person-centred’ and reflect their varying needs,

  • Respect the adult with needs’ quality of life and personal choices,

  • Ensure a high standard of recruitment and staff selection which matches the needs of the adults with needs,

  • Offer staff continuous training and professional development so they are abreast of best practice and changes in the law with regards to meeting needs,

  • Respect the religious, cultural, ethnic and personal preferences of adults with needs while matching how these needs are met with these preferences in mind,

  • Being mindful of the human rights of the adults with needs such as their right to personal and family life; privacy; self-respect; free will; independence; choice and control,

  • Cooperate with other health care professionals in delivering quality and relevant support to adults with needs,

  • Promote the welfare of the adults with needs we support and raise any concerns with the relevant authorities.


For Pathways Care to deliver the highest of possible care services, we:

  • Rigorously follow the standards as set by the Care Quality Commission,

  • Always aim to improve our service to our clients by keeping an open dialogue with them,

  • Ensure that all of our staff have the best possible training, not only when they start but with ongoing training and support, helping them maintain continuous professional development,

  • Continually monitor the care given to our clients in order to review our procedures and policies, enabling our care service to always improve.

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